Sales Mediation

1: Professional sales video and pictures

If you would like to sell your horse we could make a professional sales video and pictures of your horse to give clients a good impression of your horse.

2: International network

During the years, we have obtained a broad network of potential clients from Sweden to the USA to Singapore to many more countries. Because of this international network, we also have access to global advertising.

3: Vetting

We will assist you with arranging the vetting of your horse at the clinic. A vetting generally includes a clinical purchase examination and 20-24 xrays pending on the request of the client. If required, Sport Horses Holland can be present at the vetting for an additional fee of €100,-.

4: Paperwork

If a client will purchase the horse, we will help you set up the purchase agreement and organize the export documents if necessary.

5: Transport

We can help you organizing the export papers and transport of your horse to any destination in the world. We can make the trip nice and easy for you!

Want to sell your horse?

Contact us and we will find the perfect match!