We want to try out horses. How will this be arranged and what are the costs?

You just have to book a flight to the Netherlands and we will take care of the rest. We will pick you up at the airport and bring you to different horses for the try outs. We will also arrange hotel for you. The costs are €150 ex vat per day for our time and fuel, but if you purchase a horse through us this amount will be deducted from the price of the horse. We suggest staying at least 2 days to be able to show you as many horses as possible.

How much is the commission of Sport Horses Holland?

Our 10% commission (ex VAT) is included in the sales price of the horse, unless Sport Horses Holland is the seller of the horse. In case the horse is sold by Sport Horses Holland we will clearly state this to you.


Is Sport Horses Holland the owner of the horses offered?

Sport Horses Holland generally don’t own the horses that we offer. They are owned by stables through out Holland.

Is there VAT in the price of the horses for sale?

Depending on the owner of the horse, sometimes there is VAT in the price of the horse. If the horses are private owned there is no VAT on the price.

the horses offered for sale are Sport Horses Holland generally don’t own the horses that we offer.

Where are the horses located?

The horses are based at stables all through Holland. We work with a selection of the best stables, breeders and private owners.

What are the costs of a Pre Purchase Exam and who arranges it?

Sport Horses Holland can arrange the prepurchase exam for you at a clinic nearby the selected horse or a clinic of your choice. The costs vary from one clinic to another, and they also depend on the amount of tests and xrays you want to have done. A standard prepurchase exam mostly costs between €500-€1000. If you don’t need to redo the xrays and only want a clinical exam, the cost will be between €150 – €200.

Can we purchase a horse without trying out or can Sport Horses Holland try a horse?

If you cannot come to Holland for a try out, a rider of Sport Horses Holland can also try the horse. We will work independent for you and will inform you honestly how the horse is to ride. Also we will make a video of the try out for you and send the video to you. The cost for try out of a horse is €150,- ex vat, if you purchase the horse this amount will be deducted from the price of the horse (please note that we only try out horses in our collection).

Buy from video

If you are unable to travel to Holland to view horses then it is possible to buy via the video. This is a quick and effective way of buying a horse, making sure that you never loose out on a horse. We will try and make the whole buying process as easy as possible